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Monday, January 4, 2010

365 Ways to Live the Law Of Attraction (day 3)

Attraction Can Bring What You DO or DON'T Want

Proponents of the Law Of Attraction say that the law brings you whatever you think about most. Thoughts can become emotionally charged. When you desire something, say, a new outfit, you also feel emotion each time your mind things about having that new dress, jacket, shoes, and handbag. You are filled with excitement at the possibility of having your desire fulfilled. You believe you can have it. You deserve it. It's coming. You consider ways to speed up getting the outfit. You might even develop a plan of action for getting the money to go shopping at the mall.

Taken from the book 365 Ways to Live the Law of Attraction by Meera Lester (available in the Inspired Mama Goddess Amazon Book Store)

**My two cents... Something I think that should have been touched on here was like the title says. That emotion can work both for or against us. If we are placing our positive emotion into getting that new outfit, feeling the joy of having it even before we buy it and making a plan of attack to go and get it, chances are likely that we will get the outfit. But it works in reverse as well. If you are only focused on the idea that you DON'T have the outfit, or that you CAN'T afford it or feeling bad because you don't have it yet, you are not going to attract the proper energy to change that situation...  Like Attracts Like. So, when we focus on what we DON'T have we are only adding to the list. When we begin to focus on what we DO have or how happy we will be when we DO have something (even in the future) we are attracting more to us.

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