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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am a woman,
poor but proud, invisible but invincible,
a natural resource with unlimited potential.
I am important.  I am ready for change.
Given a choice, given a chance,
I will participate, strive, achieve.
I will improve my community and contribute to society.

You can help.

With tools, with knowledge and opportunities,
I am someone - one of many,
working together to overcome prejudice,
fight poverty, wage peace,
for our children,
for our future.

I am a wife, mother, sister,
daughter, partner,
force, leader.

I am powerful.

She has the power to change her world.
You have the power to help her do it.
Getting involved is so easy.  You can make a difference with one nomination, one small $10 donation, and five minutes of your time.  Please help us to pass on the gift of inspiration to women of poverty.  Make your nomination today.

Then, if you want to help us even more, you can help us spread the word about this great project.  Tell your friends, family, and colleagues to visit our blog and make their nominations.

One nomination at a time, we will make a difference.
*This information was compiled from CARE's "I Am Powerful Action Kit."

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