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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The 85 year old water skier!

So, I'm working part time at Macy's right now to help out for the holidays! I love what I do and love being there. Well, the other day I have this elderly woman come over and tell me she has lost her Macy's card. So, I go through all the steps to help her find it. The first thing I do is take her back to the counter she was just at and check with the sales woman there! I noticed it took her a while to get to the counter, but just brushed it off as her age forcing her to walk slower than me. She said "Honey, I'm sorry, I just had my knee replaced, so I'm have to walk slower." I understood completely and let her take her time. Once at the counter, I talked with the sales woman, who had not found the card. The elderly woman emptied her purse on the counter and went through all her bags and pockets a second time. No card.

Since we couldn't find her card, we decided the best thing for her to do was to cancel it. These days it's all to easy for someone to pick it up and use it before she even had a chance to get home. So I took her to our credit dept. phone is and helped her to get everything taken care of.

While we were walking to and from the courtesy phone we chatted a bit. This woman was just great! She told me that she had been out of the hospital for a full week and that her doctor was a "quack.." I, of course, had to add the "they all are" to that conversation.

As it turns out her doctor had told her that she would have no chance of walking again, she would spend the rest of her life as a "cripple." She decided she would make her own rules and told him to go to... well, you know what she said. She told me that she had left her cane at home and would not be seen in public with it! But that she did have to give in to one of the orders of her doctor, and let me say, she was NOT happy about it!

She was forced to sell the her boat and skis because the doctor told her that he would not be able to replace her knee for a third time. As it turns out this woman, had been through three knee replacements and multiple other surgeries simply because at 85 she was STILL water skiing on a regular basis!

That had to be the most amazing thing I have EVER heard! I can only pray that at 85 I'm still water skiing! Hell, I'll be happy if at 85 I'm still walking!

So where ever you are Elderly Water Skiing Lady - Here's to you!

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