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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Survivors are nothing special!

I am a big fan of Chalene Johnson, in one of her speeches she said something that knocked me down! She said that there is NOTHING SPECIAL about being a survivor. And at first, I was offended, I thought, who is she to tell a survivor they aren't special? She doesnt know what they went through... But then, I listened to what she was saying, and she was right!

We are ALL survivors. We woke up this morning, which means we survived whatever we have been through. And all of us have been through something in our lives... Every last one of us! Some have been through things that I can't imagine, lived through horrors that make my life look like cheesecake... But the fact that they survived really isn't special at all.

It's only those that are willing to conquer those things they have been through that are at all special. It's those that look at their past and say "That's the past, it's over! I've been there, I lived through that, I've learned from it and I've become stronger" that are really and truly special.

It's those people that can say, I am stronger today, because of what happened yesterday that are special! It's those that take their experiences, no matter how horrid, and create something positive... create something better... It's not those that simply survive that are really and truly special when all is said and done... It's those that conquer their past and themselves that are special...

So, are you a survivor? Or a conquerer? No matter what you have lived through... Whatever is in your past... It's the past, it's over. Surviving was the easy part. Now it's time to become stronger, hold your head higher and conquer your life. Make it your own! Stop letting the past dictate the future...

We all survive... Only a few CONQUER!

Become a Conquerer!!

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  1. I need to wake up every morning and remember this!