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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

365 Ways to Live the Law Of Attraction (day 41)

Love is Magnetizer

Love can serve as a powerful magnetizer for manifesting.  Here's the way it works. Because of the hormones that are released in your body when you are in love, your thoughts become highly magnetized. When you first fall in love, you may feel crazy and even somewhat obsessive. All you can think about is your beloved. The other person may, in fact, be thinking of you in the exact moment that you are thinking of him or her.

Whether altruistic, romantic or compassionate, love seeks expression. Passionate love is the driving force behind magnificent works of art, architecture, literature, and music as well as procreation. Many of us became the expression of our parents' love for each other. Love can draw into your life a romantic partner, meaningful work, pets and friends.

Taken from the book 365 Ways to Live the Law of Attraction by Meera Lester (available in the Inspired Mama Goddess Amazon Book Store)

**My Two Cents...We can all understand that emotion causes drive... We all have been so emotional at one point or another that exhaustion took over...  So, the idea that emotion only increases the energy we put out is an easy leap... Love is the greatest of all emotions, and therefore only increases the strength and power of our own natural energy.

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