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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Daily Tarot/Rune Drawing (Stay Connected Series)

One simple way to incorporate your beliefs in to your day to day life is by doing a daily Tarot/Rune drawing. Whether you prefer cards or stones it's all up to you - use what feels natural. If you are just starting to learn how to read this is a great educational exercise as well.

It's simple to do and take a total of 3 mins.

Simply shuffle your deck or mix your stones and draw one from the group. If it's a card or stone you are familiar with great, if not, take the moment to look up the meaning or meanings that card could hold for your day. Through the day as you go about your life try to see how that meaning has played out in your day.

For example, maybe this day you have pulled the LaJustice card from your deck facing heads up. The literal meaning of the card would be: Favorable resolution of conflict, Winning over bigotry or prejudice, Legal action or Litigation, Contracts, Settlement maybe even divorce... I could also mean Clarity, fairness, A straightforward choice or judgement...

So as you go about your day, try to see how this fits in, what were the cards telling you? Where they telling you something positive or negative? Should you be careful not to judge today, or is it time for your deeds to be judged?

The meaning in of your card in your day isn't for me to try to guess. But this is a great way to see what aspect of our lives we need to be cautions of from day to day and to see the Divine in action too. If our hand was guided to that card, there was a reason - it's simply up to us to find it.

If you wish to keep track of your daily readings and how you feel they come to pass keep a journal, but this could be something that could take a little more time out of your day - audio or webcam files are quick and easy to do though and would still allow you to keep track...

Enjoy and have some fun with it...

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  1. I teach journal writing classes "on the side"

    It really does help!